Plushki team on Northern Eurasia Final 2017

NEERC, Plushki, Ardecs
Plushki team on Northern Eurasia Final 2017

On the 2nd – 3rd December four sites in Russia and CIS countries held NEERC (Northern Eurasia Final) – semifinal of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).
Teams from Russia and CIS countries fought for the right to represent their university at the finals of the most prestigious university sports programming competition on the 3rd of December.

More than 300 teams performed at four semifinal venues in the universities of St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Tbilisi and Almaty. Following the results of the competitions, teams, going to finals of ICPC, which will be held on the 20th – 25th of April in Beijing, were selected.

Championship ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) has been receiving attention for years because of success in this contest of Russian students, who have been maintaining the leadership to others for the 6 years.

As always, contest is conducted by rules: contestants are provided with one computer with no network access, set of complex algorithmic problems (from 10 to 13) and five hours for solving. All conditions and materials are in the official language of the contest – in English. Teams are not to use reference materials and electronic devices but the given computer, however, it is allowed to bring English-Russian dictionary. A problem is considered to be solved correctly, if it passes all tests, having been prepared by judges, in checking system, as well as if the solution fits into the time and memory limits. The team wins, if it solves the most problems and gains the least penalty minutes.

As usual, Plushki team, which consists of the employees of the Ardecs company, also competes in the semifinal of the ACM ICPC. Unfortunately, due to lack of time for training before the championship, the team didn't give their best shot. We hope that the team will overcome all difficulties and make us celebrate their achievements in the near future.

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