On the way to a successful IT-career

Nowadays you have to work hard to win in the fierce competition. Hundreds of companies are trying to carve out a niche. Thousands of professionals are trying to secure jobs. This environment makes competition very relevant for both professionals and all companies that are striving to reach high production levels. At the same time young professionals and graduates are trying to find suitable jobs and implement their knowledge within the specifics of company’s operation. This tendency also applies to IT-sphere.

Each company overcomes various difficulties on their way to success:

  • a demand for a variety of job profiles on the real job market;
  • a lack of qualified professionals;
  • personnel turnover;
  • long adaptation period for new-hires.

Whereas new graduates also find themselves in a difficult situation:

  • rigorous recruitment and selection process – not everybody can secure training;
  • in most cases training is not free;
  • internship may last for more than 6 months without job security;
  • lack of student-centered approach – graduates with different knowledge levels study in the same group, thus they are precluded of an opportunity to work at their own pace;
  • advisors of most educational programs are often young specialists due to the fact that highly qualified professionals simply don’t have enough free work hours.

Mentoring as a way of education

Reinvented mentoring concept, representing a personnel training program, became an effective solution to all of the above problems. Mentoring (rus. synonym – coaching) – is one of the educational methods where an experienced employee – mentor, takes a student under their wing usually for 2-3 months.

Education based on mentoring principals is a great way to start a successful career for a new employee and to find talented and clever people for an employer. Ideologically mentoring aims at discovering employees’ potential through a personalized approach and an objective account of results.

However judging from the experience of our company, that successfully launched an educational program Ardecs Mentoring in the beginning of 2016, a mentor becomes not only an instructor of a technical part of the job and a source of information but also a career advisor, a role model and a life coach.

Main principals of Ardecs Mentoring:

  • 2-3 months (depending on a specialist’s skill level) one-on-one training according to mentoring principals;
  • advisors (mentors) are qualified professionals with experience in working on big projects and engineering different solutions;
  • talented specialists that successfully completed the training are rewarded with training allowance;
  • guaranteed employment after a successful completion of training.