• Ping-pong programming

    java, ping-pong programming, Joker 2015
     Ping-pong programming

    Ardecs employees participated in a well-known Java-conference Joker in October 2015. The conference is held in St. Petersburg the third time and it brings together the best Java-speakers from around the world, urgent and trendy topics, hundreds of programmers from all over the Java-Russian-speaking world. Among all the presented reports,...

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  • Selenide. Selenium WebDriver

    Selenium, WebDriver, Selenide
    Selenide. Selenium WebDriver

    While working on the automation system of the printing company Ardecs Print Activity, we faced the necessity of tests automation. Along with using Selenium WebDriver, we have resolved that we should learn capability of framework for automated testing of web-applications based on Selenium WebDriver - Selenide. Selenium WebDriver is one...

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