• ERP systems

    ERP, business, IT solutions, SAP, 1C, Oracle
    ERP systems

    As the name implies, the main purpose of ERP systems is enterprise resource planning. Properly configured ERP system will provide answers to questions like, "How was that?" and "How is it now?" as well as to "How will it be?", "How should it be?". Thus, all the data that are...

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  • Business IT solutions

    IT solutions, business, BPM, CRM, ECM, KPI
    Business IT solutions

    Automation solutions for business is a quite extensive and not always unambiguous theme. Before buying or ordering software, the manager should answer following questions: What is the purpose of automation of the company? Which processes can be automated? What do you need to automate to achieve the desired goals? With...

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  • Programming language Elm, its features

    application, programming, elm
    Programming language Elm, its features

    The programming area has its own increasingly popular paradigm: more and more applications are being created without global structure randomly changed by the different parts of the code. React-js, Redux, Apache Samza and Lambda-architecture are in the list of such frameworks. The purely functional programming language, explicit representation of the...

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  • The interaction approach of public authorities in the E-government

    The interaction approach of public authorities in the E-government

    The value of time comes to the forefront in the century of high technologies. The principle of people line becomes irrelevant, it is succeeded by electronic queue. The Electronic Russia Federal Target Program was created at the federal level. Within this program in October, 2011, the E-government (Electronic Government) project...

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  • How Google Tests Software?

    Google, Software
    How Google Tests Software?

    Last week software testing specialist of Ardecs company talked about topic: "How tests in Google?", based on material of the book "How Google Tests Software" of 2014. The book "How Google Tests Software" about Google testers who came to understanding that there is need to change, about how they were...

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